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Coming soon, Mansfield Park

For more details see audio drama

Told by an Idiot launch Dedicated to Chaos, a new documentary about re-making Get Happy during lockdown.

Adrienne Quartly and Hannah Price win Audible’s Audio Drama Production competition.


Adrienne Quartly - LINK: UP Q&A

Thu, 30 April 2020
15:00 – 16:00 BST

All proceeds raised from LINK: UP will go directly to our Bursary strand for our Young Actors. We are anticipating that due to the ongoing challenge of Corona Virus, we will experience a larger demand for our bursary scheme. This initiative will enable us to continue to engage with participants who need our support.


Black Men Walking

Nominated for Best New play UK Theatre Awards

A hilly hike through 500 years of black British history

The Paper Man

A beautiful game: Improbable’s devised show mixes football and feminism, in a tribute to the power of teamwork.

Paper Man and the power of performance
I added my thoughts to Vera’s writing about the Paper Man and who gets to tell which stories.

  • Performed by: Vera Chok, Jess Mable-Jones, Kezia Joseph, Lee Simpson and Adrienne Quartly
Photo: Johan Persson

Queen Margaret

Bringing Shakespeare's neglected women out of the shadows

Jeanie O'Hare: 'The play taught me how European we really are'


Opening Skinner’s Box

Whiteboard? Check. Lab Rats? They’re the Actors

Thinking Outside (and Inside) B.F. Skinner’s Box

Cuttin’ it at the Young Vic, nominated for the Olivier Awards 2017

Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre.